The Contours of the GOP Field

A New Poll Shows the Contours of the GOP Field Fresh numbers suggest which candidates are likeliest to emerge from the party’s two main wings. This is an excerpt of an article by Charlie Cook written for the National Journal.  Click Here to read the complete article.     A previously unreported survey conducted for the Cruz […]


Senator Cruz Dismantles ICE Director Sarah Saldaña

Go put a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Trust me. Following the brutal murder of a young girl in San Francisco by an illegal alien who had been deported five times, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Sarah Saldaña during a Senate Judiciary Committee about the number of criminal […]


WPA in the News | Expanded School Days a Hot Topic in Texas

We’re always honored when our numbers are featured in newsworthy articles.  Follow WPA and these news outlets to stay informed about topics that matter to you. Advocates for expanding school days find uphill climb in Texas July 7, 2015 – Some educators believe they have found a simple, effective way to enhance student performance: keep them […]


Hold on while I throw something at you….

Have you ever had something important to say, but no one is listening? If you’re a parent, the threat of withholding privileges can sometimes get their attention, other times that involves flinging a soft object or turning off the TV. Or maybe you want a friend or colleague’s attention and, like your potential clients, they […]


Were you at the AAPC Regional Conference in Sacramento?

I had the pleasure of attending a gathering in Sacramento for The AAPC (The American Association of Political Consultants) this week and visiting with many professionals who share my passion for campaigns, political research & analytics, and….fine dining.  Here are some things I observed that I wanted to share with you: Demand for sophisticated approaches to survey […]


Guns: The Liberal Soapbox vs. Reality

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. suffered an unimaginable tragedy on Wednesday, June 17th. According to police shots were fired during a Bible study meeting by 21-year-old suspect Dylann Roof, killing nine people. America is mourning for the innocent lives lost, their families, and friends. It is a time for everyone to reflect. […]


Political Update – June

    As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on the political environment as we head toward the 2016 Election, we distribute a political update every few weeks. In this update you can expect to find the following key indicators tracked Direction of the Country Obama Job Approval Hillary […]


Story time, with WPA…

Human beings are wired to interpret the world through stories.  We hear them as children, we see them in cultural communication, and we run them through our head almost anytime we encounter new information.  Anyone who’s walked through a busy public place with ear buds on and a playlsit going has indulged in the fantasy […]


Research & Analytics Team Up in Iowa

In the next wave of elections- Research & Analytics are clearly working in tandem to create positive change in campaign tactics.  Chris Wilson, WPA Partner, and director of Research & Analytics for the Cruz presidential campaign is featured here in this article published by the National Review.  Read the excerpt below- or read the complete article here. Cruz’s […]


Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light. Energy Efficient, Reliable, Affordable Light. More than 800,000 customers count on KCP&L to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to power their lives. It’s a responsibility they take seriously. They demonstrate leadership in vital areas like environmentally sensitive power production, plant technology and modern infrastructure investments, and have consequently built a […]


Monday Morning Polls

It’s always fun to wake up on a Monday morning to new polling data.  It’s less fun to wake up to data that purports to be objective polling and yet misses that mark by a good bit. This morning ABC News/Washington Post reported a new poll on King v. Burwell under the screaming headline, “Public […]


Five-Factor-Modeling and Your Next Election

Gone are the days where elections are won on polling intel alone.  Refined psychographic modeling, behavioral science and predictive analytics are now equal parts of the mix as we endure the marathon that is any political race. For any voter analyzed by WPA on behalf of a campaign, we can employ our psychographic model that rates voters on these […]

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