Statistically Significant, and Above the Mean

  Like any great team, we believe ours is especially incredible.  Our staff is remarkable, our partners are astounding, and our processes are second to none.  We find great purpose and joy in what we do, and that is why we do it. Our real purpose however, happens to be you…  What we do is not […]


Changing the World

Nowhere is the need to engage with the world more real, than when you are in the business of changing the world. Dunham+Company provides strategic marketing and fundraising counsel for non-profit organizations who have a vision devoted to changing the world.  Their clients want more people reached. More lives touched. And more lives transformed. But […]


Keep end-of-August start day for schools

Keep end-of-August start day for schools Robert Scott, For the Express-News | May 14, 2015 A surprising number of bills has been filed in the Texas Legislature to change the school start date, currently the fourth Monday in August. When I served as the state’s commissioner of education, my job was to analyze education policy […]


Chris Wilson is Cutting you into Slices America

It’s not just big data. It’s not just analytics. It’s understanding what you care about, and why you care about it. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Chris Wilson interview with Chris Stirewalt on Fox News CEO Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research & Director of Research & Analytics for Ted Cruz for President Our ability to […]


WPA In the News | Early May

Gwinnett County Republicans among those backing possible MARTA expansion A surprisingly high proportion of Republicans in Gwinnett County support expanding MARTA in their county, the pollster who conducted the poll said Wednesday. “Usually with public transportation issues, you find Democrats are for it and Republicans are against it,” said Ryan Steusloff, vice president of Washington-based Wilson […]


It’s Complicated: Millennials and the GOP

It’s the question President Obama’s campaign answered correctly, and arguably one of the most important lessons Republicans can learn from. After all, according to an analysis from the post-presidential election of 2012: “Mitt Romney would have cruised to the White House had he managed to split the youth vote with Barack Obama.” Since I am […]


Political Update | May 6th

As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on the political environment as we head toward the 2016 Election, we distribute a political update every few weeks. This week we are sharing some insight on Direction of the Country Obama Job Approval Hillary Clinton’s Favorability National Unemployment Obama Approval on the […]


…a little more knowledge might light our way

As we join the throngs of internet Star Wars fiends who celebrate May the 4th, and our staff collectively daydreams about December and the promise of an epic chapter in our beloved Star Wars saga… we thought it fitting to narrow in on a particularly insightful sentiment that Yoda shares with us on the cover […]


#TBT | What Corporate Marketers can learn from their Political Counterparts

Sometimes we use #TBT (Throwback Thursday if you’re not a hashtag fan) as a time to reflect on our past to reminisce, or maybe do a gut check… to make sure that what we set out to do is still being done.  I found an article in the office written by our CEO and Founder, […]


American voters to the Supreme Court: Let states decide on same-sex marriage

On Tuesday April 29th the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments on the very controversial case of same-sex marriage. The Court will hear arguments surrounding two separate questions: first if same-sex marriages are Constitutional under the 14th Amendment. The second will address whether states banning gay marriage are required to recognize lawful same-sex marriage from […]


WPA In the News | Late April Edition

The power players behind Ted Cruz’s campaign Ted Cruz is running for president as an outsider, and his relatively lean campaign staff reflects that approach… Cruz was the first presidential contender out of the gates with an official announcement and did so with a core group of staffers that lacks bold-faced Beltway names. It’s largely a […]


2016 Campaign Insight | Mining for Votes, and Voter Targeting

See what you missed on Fox Business this morning. Featuring Chris Wilson, WPA Partner and Research Director for the Ted Cruz campaign.  Click here to watch the recap.   We are looking at primary voters… and finding what is most important to them, and communicating to them about that….     It’s what campaigns were meant to be about. […]

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