WPA CEO Chris Wilson talks Jeb Bush and 2016 on Fox News

I don’t think Jeb wants his slogan to be, “Read my lips, YES new taxes.” Jeb has to decide whether he is going to persist in holding positions that are unpopular with the voters he wants to support him. We already have a pro-high tax Party.  It’s called the Democrat Party. Jeb is putting himself in […]


WPA Poll: Email Scandal Hurts Clinton With Independents

    BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff    The ongoing scandal over Hillary Clinton’s personal email address has hurt her standing among independent voters, according to newly released polling data. Forty percent of self-identified independents say they have a less favorable view of the former secretary of state in light of the revelations, according to survey […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson talks presidential politics on Fox News



WPA CEO Chris Wilson discusses Chris Christie and 2016 on Fox News

By Chris Wilson: Welcome to running for President, Chris Christie. Anyone who is near the front of the pack is going to need to answer for their record and positions and Christie hasn’t really stood up to that scrutiny very well. That’s why he’s now clearly out of the top tier. His accomplishments fighting corruption […]


Exclusive: Poll shows voter support for gas tax

Exclusive: Poll shows voter support for gas tax 16 February 2015 Aaron Gould Sheinin A majority of Georgia voters would support paying higher gas taxes to fund transportation improvements, a new poll released Monday shows. The poll, conducted for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, shows strong support among Georgians for lawmakers to boost funding for […]


New WPA Study: African-Americans and religious top donors plan to increase their giving in 2015

African-Americans and the religious top the list of donors who say they plan to increase their giving in 2015 10 February 2015 Angie Chui It is better to give than to receive, so the saying goes. Based on the results of a 2015 Dunham+Company Study, many African-Americans will gladly give more to charity this year, […]


Governor Greg Abbott’s Campaign: How We Won Texas

How We Won Texas Greg Abbott’s campaign can teach the 2016 GOP how to win By Dave Carney February 06, 2015 As Greg Abbott takes the reins as the 48th Governor of Texas, political operatives on the right should take a closer look at his campaign and learn a lesson or two for 2016. The 2014 […]


American Sniper inspires Texas Governor Greg Abbott to declare Feb 2nd Chris Kyle Day

Governor Greg Abbott has declared that, going forward, February 2nd  should be known as “Chris Kyle Day” in Texas,  honoring one of the state’s, and America’s , greatest modern military heroes. In the recent film directed by Clint Eastwood, American Sniper depicts the story of Kyle; a United States Navy SEAL, father, husband, and honored with the […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson appears on Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor

(Appearance from 1/30/15) WPA CEO Chris Wilson (@Wilsonwpa) appears on the O’Reilly Factor to discuss the 2016 Presidential campaign and the overall impact of Romney’s decision not to run.


Thoughts on Romney not running

It is important to keep in mind that Romney had almost no chance of being the nominee in 2016.  So in a way his decision to not run doesn’t change anything.   If he had run it would have been on the hope that other candidates would implode and that he could pick off their support when they did.  So […]


More coverage of Governor Abbott campaign

From Pollster.com today ‘BIG DATA’ IN TEXAS GOVERNOR’S RACE – Carl Lindemann: “When Republican Greg Abbott took to the stage last November to claim his resounding 20-point win over Wendy Davis to become governor of Texas, he might have thanked Big Data campaigning for bringing him there. By leveraging set-top-box data and an array of consumer marketing […]

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